Great Presentation Ideas: Draw Insights From Books

Slidedocs are a new medium with the visual punch of a presentation that allow for extended text that your audience can read without a presenter.  Using this powerful tool, your information can travel through an organization without you.

how someone reads a slidedoc

A great slidedoc is a bit like a well-designed book. It combines content with a visual style, consistent formats, and clear visuals, and then sequences them together into a cohesive whole.

​Slidedocs borrow some specific design aspects from books. Books have a cover, table of contents, clear chapter indicators, prose, page numbers, and other small design decisions that have big information architecture implications to help readers navigate the contents.

stack of books

How many times have you picked up a book just because it had a great cover? Publishers purposefully create book covers to grab people’s attention.

​Covers work best when they have a highly conceptual visual and a snappy title, but they should also include a subtitle and the author’s name. A slidedoc should have all these elements.

​Your cover page is an opportunity to convey a message right off the bat, so make your title and subtitle intuitive and interesting. Titling it “Q4 Strategy” isn’t interesting. Instead, be creative and call it “Land Grab: Competitive shake-up in Q4.” People should read the cover, get what it’s about, and want to dive in.

​Your company logo can go into your slidedoc, but not as a huge cover graphic or on the corner of every page. Think of your company as the publisher of your slidedoc. Similar to how the publisher’s logo on a book is small and on the spine, your company’s visual presence should be simple and discrete.

The Anatomy of a Good Cover

Resonate book cover analysis