Firsts and Lasts at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco

By Nancy Duarte

I have two pieces of big news about MacWorld to share. Firstly, the upcoming January 2009 expo is the last time Apple will show up to their own partyMacworld Conference & Expo LogoThat’s kinda like Jim Jones not showing up for the Kool-Aid, but I guess there’s a time for all things to end.

Secondly, yours truly will be presenting at the MacWorld on Wednesday the 7th. I’m speaking in the O’Reilly Media booth (#2210) at 11 AM to deliver a presentation called “Pimp my Slide”. (Gosh, I love my publisher.)

Then, from 1 to 2:15 PM on Wednesday, I’m speaking at the Users Conference in the Create track and will be presenting “Using Visual Thinking & Design to Transform Your Next Presentation (US914)” . Maybe I’ll present with PowerPoint instead of Keynote to boycott Apple’s non-support of their own cult.Check out additional workshops button

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