Emotional Presentations vs. Analytical Presentations

credibility - emotional - analytical presentation triangles

Highly analytical audiences do not like having their heartstrings tugged too much, if at all. They tend to interpret it as manipulation and an unnecessary waste of time. But these folks are human, and humans all care, like to laugh, and can be touched deeply. So, for example, including material in a presentation that shows how lives will be changed does motivate them, unless it’s presented in a melodramatic way.

Emotionally driven audiences don’t enjoy overuse of facts and details. They want to know that the details have been carefully considered, but probably don’t want to see twenty slides about them. They need a few proof points. A sales force might get more fired up about the incentive plan than diagrams explaining the complex innards of how a product ticks.

Taking the emotional or analytical appeal too far in either direction hurts your credibility. Even if you are the most qualified presenter in the world, being too geeky or too emotional can create a chasm between you and the audience.

Notice with the two triangles on the left, the credibility of the speaker stayed intact. That’s because these presentations hit the right balance for the audience.