Doug Neff

Content Director

Doug is a writer, facilitator, trainer, and speaker coach with over fifteen years of experience moving people and audiences. As Duarte’s Content Director, Doug has crafted award-winning presentations that influence mindsets, sell revolutionary products, and some are literally changing the world. As an Executive Speaker Coach, he has awakened natural talents, built confidence, and inspired passion in communicators of all experience levels.

Doug Neff “Presentations are only ever about one thing: moving people. If you can learn to do that, you’ll be way ahead of the game.” – Doug Neff

Doug has collaborated with some of today’s most well-known brands and thought leaders, including Apple, Dolby, Facebook, TED, the Ford Motor Company, TOMS Shoes, Google, Target, author Michael Pollan, productivity guru David Allen, and former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Doug and his husband, Corey, live in Oakland and are annual speakers at San Diego Comic-Con, where they help young creators bring their work to life.

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Doug’s Keynote Topics

Chasing the Big Idea (and why you need one) – In his ten years at Duarte, Inc., writing hundreds of presentations for some of the world’s smartest (and most demanding) clients, Doug Neff still follows one lesson whenever he starts a new project: Start with the Big Idea. In this talk, Doug shares his personal strategies for finding and articulating the essence of a presentation, guiding a team (or a boss) to consensus on it, and using that Big Idea as a lighthouse to guide every single one of your writing and design choices, all the way through to show-time. Packed with real-world examples, client stories, and Doug’s own creative strategies, this keynote will give you the tools, tricks, and confidence to take on your next presentation like a professional writer.

Be a Captivating Speaker!  Rise above your tics, habits, and inner voices to move your audience and change their world. Every presentation comes down to one thing: moving your audience. After the story is written, the slides are designed, and the chairs are set up, success or failure is determined by your ability to stand on a stage and talk to your audience. But if that’s not your strongest skill, how do you get better? In this interactive and lively talk, Doug will demonstrate simple and profound techniques he’s developed while coaching speakers ranging from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to Junior Designers at Duarte. In addition to some fun tips and tricks, Doug will show you how to access deeper parts of yourself, build a “powerful presenter” persona, and practice your public speaking for long-term growth.

There’s No Such Thing as Writer’s Block! – Learn to transform your painful creative process into a thrilling adventure. When your professional livelihood depends on finished products and deadlines, you quickly learn the truth about writer’s block: not only is it a myth, but it’s a luxury you can no longer afford. But it’s not all bad news! Once you learn how to work with your own creative rhythms and embrace your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll begin to view every new creative project as an exciting new adventure. In this thought-provoking keynote, Doug Neff will take you inside his own creative process, learned over a decade of writing for hundreds of different clients, and one he continues to refine every day. You’ll hear about his favorite wins, his most embarrassing failures, and the tried-and-true techniques he still uses to get the job done every time. Participants will walk out with a new list of great tips for diving into their own next project.

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Epic Win! The Geek’s Guide to the Journey from Fan to Creator (with Corey Rothermel) - Which would you rather be? The reader or the writer? The admirer or the artist? The fanboy or the filmmaker? If you chose any of the latter, Epic Win! The Geek’s Guide to the Journey from Fan to Creator is your handbook to making that dream your future. Author and motivational speaker Doug Neff brings his wildly popular and inspiring San Diego Comic-Con workshop, From Fan to Creator: Making the Dream a Reality, out of the convention hall and onto the page. Written specifically for the geek at heart, Epic Win! is designed to help struggling artists of all kinds understand why their creative goals matter and how to bring them to life. In the book, you’ll learn how to: set a deadline and stick to it, recruit a team of supporters to help you, strengthen existing work habits and develop new ones, overcome your creative obstacles, and finish what you’ve started. So, if you’ve ever looked up into the nighttime sky and made a wish to be something greater than you are now, strap on your boots, pick up your sword, and start out on the journey to your own Epic Win!
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The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen at TEDxClaremontColleges - As a creative force at Duarte, Neff has created several projects that challenged mindsets and have even sparked movements. Roger Sant: Solving the Carbon Problem Together - Text of the Cicero Award-winning speech. Michael Pollan (clip): The Sun Food Agenda
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