Solution For Dense Presentation Slides: Slidedoc

The following slides for the Hawaii Tsunami Warning System were too dense to be slides, but not dense enough to be effective documents. So, Duarte, Inc. combined the content from the slides and speaker notes to make a beautiful slidedoc.

Before: Dense slide with too much information to project

project description slide: dense

​The original slides are too dense to be projected, but unable to stand alone as slidedocs. One topic was spread across three slides.

After: A Beautiful Slidedoc

project description slide: slidedoc

​Combining all three slides into one keeps all eleven insights of the end-to-end system on one page. It was important to keep the highlighted text skimmable. 

Before: Information Buried in a Dense Slide

info slide: dense

​When reviewing  the slides in notes view, we noticed there was critical information that needed to be moved to the slidedoc page.

After: Clearly Presented Information

info slide: slidedoc

​Pulling the notes onto the page keeps all the content readable and in one place.

Before: Disparate Graphic Styles

graphic slide: uneven
​These two slides have critical information, and the content is stronger if they are combined, but the graphic styles don’t work together.

After: A consistent presentation style makes it easier to understand how the system works.

graphic slide: slidedoc

​By combining the two slides and using a consistent illustration style, you see the system in relation to its designated location.

Before: Dense Slide = Confusing Slide

illustration slide: cluttered

​When the information you’re conveying is potentially life-saving, you need to be as clear as possible. The multidirectional arrows in this graphic are confusing.

After: Clear Presentation Graphics = Clear Message

illustration slide: slidedoc

​Using concentric circles instead of swooping arrows clearly demonstrates how long it will take for a tsunami to reach each island.

For Dense Slides, Consider Slidedocs

The next time you need to pack a lot of information into a presentation, consider a slidedoc for its use of strong visuals, table of contents as a document outline, and a format allowing more text than a slide deck without appearing dense and convoluted.

slidedoc example