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For DataStory: Explain Data and Inspire Action Through Story, Nancy Duarte culled through thousands of data slides from her clients in consumer, technology, finance, and healthcare industries. This book covers the findings in language, structure, and visual hierarchy that help people understand and act on data.

DataStory will be published September 17, 2019 and is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, 800CEOread.com and wherever fine books are sold.

For more information contact Sophia Moriarty at sophia.moriarty@smithpublicity.com.

Press Release

There’s nonstop buzz about data – big data, small data, deep data, thick data, and machines that are learning to analyze data. And now with prolific digital devices and technological advancements, virtually every company in every industry already has access to vast stores of intelligent data…

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Thought Leadership

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How to Get Others to Adopt Your Recommendation – MIT Sloan Management Review

Three Ways to Effectively Communicate to Different Kinds of Decision-Makers – Thrive Global

5 common presentation missteps—and how to avoid them – Ragan

3 Ways to Inspire Others by Finding the Story in Your Data – International Association of Business Communicators

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Nancy Duarte Q&A

Q | Why did you write DataStory, and why now?

A | Data is accumulating at an unprecedented velocity. It gives organizations valuable insights into customers, employees, products, markets, and innovations but it’s of no use without a communicator to determine what action the data is telling us to take. DataStory was written to teach individuals how to harness the power of data, become better storytellers and use data to make critical decisions.

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