Unified Presentation Systems

Jennifer Aaker is the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford GSB and teaches the “Power of Story.” The workbooks for her class are slidedocs. Slidedocs are a new medium with the visual punch of a presentation that allow for extended text that your audience can read without a presenter. Using this powerful tool, your information can travel through an organization without you.

The following examples are designed by Brandon Ly and written by Barbara McCarthy. Notice how all the visuals are thematically similar. You’d be able to identify this as Aaker’s material, because of the handmade look to many of the visuals.

Power of Story in Business Workbook

​The first page looks like a book title and has the author’s name on it.

Chapter 1 The Story Of You

​Every chapter segue is consistently simple with a flood of bold gray color.

Exercise 1 Who Am I Story

​The copy is dense with clear segmentation and links. She uses other tactile elements like a story journal and pencil to continue the handmade theme of the design language.

Appendix: Examples Of Stories To Jumpstart You

​Repeating the wood grain background, wood texture, and pencil element visually signifies that these pages go together.