Unify and engage your people

Nurture a culture that communicates with empathy and influence, for better results all around.

Lead with empathy

Model effective leadership communication that moves people with story and clarity.

Connect to your purpose

Inspire and engage your people with your why. Help them live it.

Retain top talent

Nurture a culture of belonging and provide leadership growth opportunities.

Why culture and skill building?

Sharpen your strategy to communicate with greater impact.

Empower your leaders with coaching to become more influential communicators.

Embed empathetic communication in your team’s workflows, so it becomes habit.

Improve the resiliency and agility of your team through difficult challenges.

Build better alignment among stakeholders with competing points of view.

Help your teams better connect with your customers and the market.


Change communication

Culture stories

Internal events

HR and L&D communication consulting

Culture story libraries

Presentation template systems

Team skill building prioritization

Put yourself in their minds

Never give presentations you wouldn’t want to sit through.

Helping Al Gore ignite a movement

When the former Vice President needed help turning climate research into a message the world needed to hear, Duarte was there to help. The result: A presentation that became an Oscar winning film which energized the environmental movement.

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Knowing how to solve communication challenges is a challenge itself

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