Tell stories that move people

Express your unique story in a way that’s clear, repeatable, emotive, real. Then watch it spread.

Achieve simplicity

Structure your ideas to be clear, relatable, no matter how complex.

Align stakeholders

Unite leaders through methodical decision-making rooted in empathy.

Maximize the medium

Leave a lasting impression by infusing your presentations with motion and video.

Why brand and product storytelling?

Clarify your unique point of view and value.

Rally internal teams around a new vision.

Elevate your brand in the presentation medium.

Focus your product messaging for specific audiences.

Demystify product complexity.

Bring product value and experiences to vivid life through story and visuals.


Brand stories

Executive and product leader keynotes

Product launches and stories

Modular presentations

Executive briefing center shows

Sales enablement

Internal presentations and events

Brand template systems

Analytical presentations

Narrative sparks

Brand storytelling skill building

Put yourself in their seats

Never give a presentation you wouldn’t want to sit through.

Adding value to one of the world’s most valuable brands

Even the most respected technology product company needs support developing and delivering an effective message. Duarte has been trusted to provide this support for a Fortune 5 brand for over 30 years.

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