Choose The Right Presentation Slide

Walk-in Presentation slide

This slide is already up when people enter the room. It creates the first impression. You may want it to display your company’s branding, for example, or an image that sets the tone for your presentation.

Title Presentation slide

Here’s where you show the title of your talk and your name, title, and company. Include a title slide even if you don’t state the title when you speak; it helps orient and focus the audience.

Navigation Presentation slide

This type of slide helps the audience see where you are in the presentation. You can  show section titles as you move from point to point or periodically show an agenda slide that highlights where you are in your talk.

Bullet Presentation slide

Use bullets to cluster related ideas into a list, but don’t display them all at once. If you do, your audience will get ahead of you—and get bored waiting for you to catch up to them. Instead, control your pacing with a “build.” That’s when you have each bullet appear as you cover it by animating each one. If the bullets on your slide don’t have to be associated together, give each point its own slide.