Business Communication: It's Your Job

the concept of a business communicator

​Wow. This must feel like a lot of work. You have a “real job” with real results you’re supposed to deliver that have nothing to do with writing or distributing a great presentation.

​When you have an idea or initiative that must bear fruit, then spending your time clearly communicating could be what brings you the most traction.

​Set aside time to conceptualize what you are going to say, how to visualize it so they can see what you’re saying, and then determine the best means to communicate it.

​When delivering information, some people deliver too much and it doesn’t get consumed, while others communicate so vaguely that clarifying conversations waste time. Providing document-presentations hits a great sweet spot that delivers enough information in a consumable format.

​Business today operates in a compressed environment, so you need to create and spread thoughtful insights quickly and clearly.