How To Build Presentation Structure

After you’re finished generating most of the ideas for your presentation, it’s time to build your presentation’s structure. You can use sticky notes to cluster your ideas by subtopic. More often than not, putting like ideas next to each other will cause a natural flow to emerge from your brainstorm.

Once your have your sticky notes clustered by subtopic, you can order and reorder your content until you have a compelling narrative. Start by arranging key messages in a motivating structure, and then tackle the supporting points. As you figure out your presentation structure, you’ll find that some of the items you wrote down during your initial idea-generation phase are no longer necessary. This helps narrow your focus and amplify your key points.

You can use different colored sticky notes to differentiate between analytical and emotional content. For some people, the facts are what will make your idea compelling. For others, it’s the emotional connection. An effective structure is created using a variety of content, so every presentation should have a little of both. If you find you are lacking emotional appeal, you can briefly go back to the idea-generation phase, and use sticky notes to brainstorm stories, symbols, metaphors, and analogies for expressing your content in an emotional way. If you need more analytical content, use a placeholder sticky to identify the type of supporting information you need to find to strengthen your presentation.