Presentation Skills: Build An Effective Call To Action

Every presentation must have a call to action, but people will play different roles in executing your idea.

Doers instigate activities.

They are the worker bees. Once they know what needs to get done, they’ll take it on. They also recruit and motivate others to complete important activities.

Suppliers get resources.

They are the people with financial, human or material resources. They have the means to get you what you need to move forward.

Influencers change perceptions.

They can sway individuals or groups, large or small, mobilizing them to adopt and evangelize your idea.

Innovators generate ideas.

They think outside the box for new ways to add value to and spread your idea. They create strategies, perspectives and products. Whether your audience is corporate, political, scientific, or academic, the people you’re addressing should fall into one of these categories.

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