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Do you wish you could do something about the way the world communicates? You’re not alone. Imagine focusing the entirety of your creativity, problem solving, and passion in helping others communicate their best to help make the world a better place.

We need empathizers, storytellers, visualizers, facilitators, customer lovers, strategists, coaches, data swizzlers, model makers, pattern finders, agile thinkers, self actualizers, kind leaders and mostly, people who want to be better communicators.

Because working here, you’ll discover a path to becoming your best self and learn to communicate your best, too. Maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for!

1099 Contractor: Senior Event-Graphic Specialist

Posted: 2023-02-08T22:07:06.54

Location: Unspecified

What people are saying

“Collaboration and innovation are placed at the core of the design process. These values transcend beyond client work and align with the frequency of the entire company.”

Cameron Flett | Designer

“I’m so grateful to work at an organization focused on employee well-being, development, and delivering the best to our clients.”

Katherine Lim | Academy Account Manager

“I love being part of a place that focuses on serving the needs of others. Duarte gives generously and is driven by purpose that positively changes the trajectory of people and communities.”

Mary Ann Bologoff | Director

“It’s nice to come to work each day and not only be free to be myself, but also be encouraged to be different, speak up, speak out, and tell my story.”

Kyle Bennett | Logistics Manager

“Even if you’ve never “met” anyone, you still feel like “someone” at Duarte.”

Kristin Eskind | Senior Content Developer & Speaker Coach

“I found my California family in my team and across the business. Some of my very best friends came from Duarte and I will be forever grateful.”

Mary-Anne Reyes | Senior Academy Operations Manager

“Empathy is at the heart of everything we do at Duarte, and that is what drew me here. We put people first, always. I’m proud to be a Duartian!”

Payton O’Neil | Manager of Account Management

“The world communicates through a medium that’s powered by our craft. That’s a responsibility we take seriously and creates a foundation of purpose for our work.”

Ryan Orcutt | Creative Director

“At Duarte, you always know someone is thinking about what you need as an individual, just like we think about our audiences.”

Anne Marie Rhodes | Content Developer

“Duarte is a diverse organization full of the most creative and talented people I’ve ever met. Success is the only option here!”

Daniel Porter | Academy Account Director

“At Duarte, I feel like my voice matters, my humanity is seen, and there’s a real sense of purpose and belonging here.”

Jacqueline Beauchamp ‘JB’ | Client Services Director

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Our roles

Everyone who works here is different. Different roles, different personalities, different strengths. You could say we each have our unique spots, like a giraffe.

Each one of us plays part in contributing to the whole. See if you can spot yourself in one of the roles below!

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