Abducted by Duartians…

By Mark Heaps

Bypassing security protocols
Publishing transmission
Monitoring security channels

It’s been one month since I was abducted by the Duartians, and this is the first report I have managed to get out to the public.  I don’t know how long I have before this post is discovered, so I must be brief.

They are a strange but friendly type of being, and I have so far been treated very well. Now that I can flow freely among them, I feel compelled to let you know about their plans for our world. Their master plan (code-named slide:ology) seems to refer to transforming the communication style of professionals all over the planet.

The level of creativity exhibited by this particular species is beyond anything I’ve ever witnessed. They are also highly organized, intensely focused, and surprisingly good-humored. We should not underestimate these creatures as their power and energy is increasing every day.

It’s hard to describe what I’ve seen but I managed to sneak in some pictures.  Please share with the world so they are prepared.

Collage of photos of items found around the Duarte office
Photography by Mark Heaps

The Duartians seem to derive a great deal of their power from this fun and inspiring environment. I’ve noticed my own creativity increasing since I first landed here.

This communication portal is often used to relay plans, ideas, and more to the world.  Check it often and you might be able to read some more of what they have in store for us all.

Later today, I will be participating in a “think tank” session, from which I hope to gather much more data so that we may begi…


Written by

Mark Heaps