You can use presentation software to create visual documents that will travel throughout your organization without much effort on your part after the initial authoring process.

​You should create a slidedoc if:

  • You have detailed information to convey, but you won’t be around to explain it
  • You have detailed subject matter that is conducive to being conveyed with visuals and prose
  • People consume your information better when it is broken into smaller, more visual chunks
  • Your sales team needs modular collateral and tools that are flexible enough to get the right material to the
    right customers
  • Your information could be consumed ahead of time and the meeting time could be used for consensus building

The difference between a slidedoc and a presentation:

  • Pages have more copy and visual explanations than a cinematic presentation
  • Template system uses grids, columns, and full sentences
  • Dense analytical explanations appear throughout slidedocs

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