Content Developer

Which artist has inspired you the most?

Bono from U2. He is committed to being an artist and to the creative process, he consistently makes really good music, and he chooses to use his talent and influence to do tremendous good.

Advice from your mom that you wish you'd taken?

“Burnt toast makes beautiful children.” I think it was more of a way to get us not to waste a piece of bread. I’m not sure if it is true (I don’t have kids yet), but find it humorous all the same.

Who are you?

I seek after adventures, I take risks, I am inspired by beauty. I love people and often find myself in conversation with strangers in coffee shops and on street corners. I find great joy in putting hands and feet to ideas and vision. Helping others discover and go after their dreams is probably my most favorite thing; it’s an honor to be part of someone’s story.

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