Project Manager

What was your proudest moment as a five-year old?

Definitely giving my mom unsolicited fashion advice. We were on a family trip to Hawaii and in an effort to save luggage space, my mom packed limited pairs of shoes. One night before going out to dinner, I looked my mom up and down and exclaimed, “Are you really going to wear THOSE shoes with THAT dress?!?” And at that moment my parents realized what a little diva they had on their hands.

What was your favorite pet?

It’s pretty much impossible to pick just one with all of pets I had growing up, but I think it comes down to my dog, Roxy, and my horse, Boe. Roxy is my constant sidekick and running buddy, while Boe and I were the team to beat in the horse show ring.

Who are you?

marathon runner. animal lover. loyal friend. equestrian enthusiast. beach bum. sj sharks, sf giants and sd chargers fan. food and wine connoisseur. crafty diva. to-do list freak. snow bunny. challenge taker. adventure seeker.

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