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Senior Project Manager

The one thing you plan to do to change the world.

I try to make sure that my consumer decisions keep our environment in mind. It has become a habit for me to ask myself if what I’m doing is “environmentally responsible,” and that has allowed me to become less wasteful and more aware of my environmental impact.

What is your least favorite nickname?

BB. Some friends of mine started calling me this in middle school and I never knew what it stood for. I begged and pleaded for them to tell me, and tried to guess what it meant for what seemed like years. I hated not knowing, and to this day I still do not know what it stands for.

What is your favorite pet?

My favorite pet is my big black labrador Tona. Give him some food, play a little fetch, rub him on the belly, and he’ll love you unconditionally. We should all be that easy to please.

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