What is your favorite line from the movies? When do you usually say it?

I love to throw it back to a young Brad Pitt, before he became “Brangelina”

“What’s in the booooxxxx?!”

I say this all time… when I get a package, when someone else gets a package, when I help friends move, basically whenever there is a box.

Which artist has inspired you the most?

Andy Warhol. It was his work that actually triggered the moment I decided I was going to study graphic design and become a designer. There was something so enticing and exciting about the whole pop art movement. His work was bold, loud, commercial and could be mass produced. His whole lifestyle was a production which I just find so fascinating.

What are your passions?

In no particular order: Running. Traveling.  Helping others. Learning. Wine. Cheese. Bread.

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