Sr. Marketing Manager

What are your passions?

Music, relationships, and conversation. There’s nothing better than sitting outside with someone you care about, chatting until all hours of the night, with a great album playing in the background.

What was a life-altering experience?

I lived in Barcelona for 3 months, and traveled in the surrounding countries on the weekends. It’s amazing that people manage to communicate when they don’t speak the same language, and it taught me that people are just people, no matter where they live. I also conquered public transportation in several countries, which is a huge accomplishment for my directionally-challenged self.

The practical joke you wish you had the courage to do.

I wish I had the courage to run up to people in the airport and pretend to be their long-lost cousin or college roomie. It’s not so much the personal embarrassment that I worry about, it’s that the stranger might call the cops or totally freak out!

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