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Sneak Peek: resonate Cover Design

...17;d like to give you a sneak peek of our first draft at a cover design. After several internal brainstorms and sketching sessions, we ended up with these concepts. We all felt that there was something special about the word resonate being made out of dots that look like they are being magnetically pulled towards a gathering. The sketch was inspired by this stitchery I found online. Diandra, my Creative Director felt that the dots could be... Continue Reading

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Great Presentations: Persuasion Is Powerful

…zled stares or frenzied enthusiasm, which is determined by how well the message is delivered and how well it resonates with the audience. After a successful presentation, you might hear people say, “Wow, what she said really resonated with me.” But what does it mean to truly resonate with someone? Resonance is a well-known phenomenon in physics. You can cause an object to vibrate without any physical contact—if you know its natural rate of…

After the Ending: Making your Presentation Resonate

Let’s say you pulled off an incredible presentation. You used the principles in the presentation form with grace and ease to convey your ideas and the audience made a commitment to transform. Sounds like a huge victory —but it’s not over yet. The end of your presentation marks the next phase of the adventure for the audience. The human ability to accept new insights creates room for people to become something different. As indicated by the…


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Why Resonate?

Two years ago, I set out to uncover how story applies to presentations. There seemed to be a story-like magic to the presentations that caused change and spread broadly. Since I already had the context of thousands of presentations my firm had created for smart companies and causes, I studied what I didn’t know: screenwriting, literature, mythology, and philosophy—allowing myself to be led on a fascinating journey. Early in my research, I... Continue Reading

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Presentations that Stick

…ined by how well the message is delivered and how well it resonates with the audience. After a successful presentation, you might hear people say, “Wow, what she said really resonated with me.” But what does it mean to truly resonate with someone? While doing research for Resonate, I learned about lovely phenomenon in physics. If you know an object’s natural rate of vibration, you can make it vibrate without touching it. Resonance occurs when an…

Virtual Presentation Tips

…ation remotely – are becoming more and more common. This poses even more challenges to keeping your audience engaged. Presentations are essentially about getting your message to resonate with your audience. How can you resonate remotely? Use these 5 tips to make sure you’re more interesting than their inbox. Virtual Presentation Tips /1 Be Human We usually build trust through body language and eye contact, and this is still true when…

Best Practices for Sales Presentations

…ur message based on the audience and the context of the presentation. Adapt with modular systems Instead of building a one-size- fits-all presentation, build a modular system that allows you to adapt to the customer’s needs. Resonate with great visuals Combining storytelling with great visuals will help your message resonate. Hone your sales team delivery Put thought and energy into rolling out a new presentation to your sales team and helping…

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Duarte is hosting a Gamestorming Workshop and… Gamestorming gives you the secret sauce, my friends. Details: LOCATION: Mountain View, CA at Duarte Design DATE: July 22, 2011 (overflow day July 21) TIME: 9 am – 5 pm COST: $675 (includes breakfast, lunch, a copy of Gamestorming and all workshop materials) Click here to register for Gamestorming. And if that’s not enough exciting opportunity, Duarte has launched our Resonate workshop! Here are the dates for upcoming Resonate and... Continue Reading

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VisualStory® 1 Day

…gnal and Noise Visualize information – tools to turn words into pictures Arrange elements for clear communication Convey visual unity This one-day VisualStory® workshop delivers insights into the basics of story content from Resonate and visual design principles from Slide:ology. Learn how to create content that connects to an audience and how to arrange information so it’s displayed meaningfully. What You’ll Learn A new presentation development…