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…We help shape ideas into presentations designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors in their organizations, communities, and world….

11.16.2016  /  

Duarte Launches New Strategy Practice to Help Leaders Spark and Sustain Movements

...ent years, we’ve seen a rising importance of movements in the world around us. The new practice we’re launching today is in response to that trend. Inspired by the 2016 book Illuminate that I co-authored with Nancy Duarte, our new practice’s methodologies are built on a proven framework to lead people through five stages of transformation and practical communication tools to inspire others to support and execute a big vision or idea. Through year... Continue Reading

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02.05.2010  /  

Beyond Bullet Points: Interview with Nancy Duarte

...llet Points, has inspired many people to break away from the traditionally bullet-heavy presentation format. His book has also inspired a blog, to which Meryl Evans is a frequent contributor. Meryl recently interviewed Nancy Duarte on behalf of the Beyond Bullet Points blog. (Say that ten times fast.) Nancy and Meryl chatted about what makes a presentation effective and memorable (a story), what makes a story good (it moves your audience), and... Continue Reading

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…We help shape ideas into presentations designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors in their organizations, communities, and world….

Duarte Workshop Moved to Hyatt Regency London

…ncy London – The Churchill. The facilities at the Hyatt will allow for better experience for our particular needs, and if you need to stay the night, the accommodations will be easier on your wallet. Don’t worry, Nancy Duarte will still be dropping by after we finish up Day 1 of the workshop for mingling, informal Q&A, and book-signing. This will happen at the Hyatt from 5 – 6 p.m. on July 25, for workshop attendees only….

06.12.2015  /  

SF Design Week at Duarte!

...the tour, they explored our creative process in a walk-through exhibit, and visited a gallery of our own created and curated artwork. The group ended in our Town Hall for a quick peek at what we do best—presentations. Nancy Duarte, our CEO and co-founder, started off the talk with our origin story. She and her husband Mark Duarte started out as a husband/wife freelance team. Over the last 25-plus years, that team evolved into one of the leading... Continue Reading

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Transforming the Corporate Event Presentation

…excitement and loyalty, and reinforce your brand. That’s why we take a holistic approach to events, with services that support clients at every stage of event planning and production. Event Messaging and Strategy Duarte’s creative team works closely with clients to develop core messaging, event themes, communications strategies, and visual styles that support the event’s objectives and establish a unique event identity. With these core elements i…

08.05.2013  /  

Visual Recap: A Chat With Garr & Nancy

In July, we hosted our first Eat & Meet event with Nancy Duarte and special guest Garr Reynolds. Nancy and Garr discussed what makes a great communicator, the importance of listening, and how to embrace constraints to create compelling presentations. Below you’ll find a visual recap of the questions, as well as (summarized versions of) Garr and Nancy’s answers. If you’d like to listen to the audio in its entirety, you may... Continue Reading

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05.04.2015  / Episode 9: Brainstorming

...about our shared admiration for the legendary puppeteer, Jim Henson. As the idea for doing the puppet series,, started to take shape, one of Henson’s earliest skits, featuring Kermit the Frog teaching the use of creative visualization, became the example we’d use to describe what our project would look like. Below is a link to that original skit that served as inspiration for Bob and Finn and the world of V... Continue Reading

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