Winning the Story Wars – Jonah Sachs is Leading the Charge

We were thrilled to welcome author Jonah Sachs for a visit to the shop. Jonah is the co-founder and CEO of Free Range Studios, and his first book, Winning the Story Wars, came out in July. In it, he champions the power of story and stresses that great stories are the best way to reach people with your message. (I couldn’t agree more.)

His book invites marketers to become modern day mythmakers and create memorable stories that people want to share. Jonah draws examples from mythology, psychology, and history, as well as his own work. His company has created viral videos like the Meatrix and The Story of Stuff, and the success of videos like these strengthened his belief in the importance of story.

I invited Jonah to share his take on story with the entire company. After his presentation, we sat down for a short interview. Enjoy!

Interview with Jonah Sachs

Book Trailer: Winning the Story Wars

Winning the Story Wars – The Myth Gap from Free Range Studios on Vimeo.

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