TED 2013 | An #illustraTED Gallery

The last TED 2013 speaker has spoken! We’ve officially put down our markers and closed our notebooks. But not before we scanned ’em all and put them in a Slideshare presentation for you to peruse.

We had so much fun listening to the brilliant artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs, and visualizing their ideas. Throughout the week, we made a giant graphic recording (and recorded the process start to finish), more than twenty visualizations, and a Twitter feed full of quotes and #TEDin10words.

Take a look at some of our graphic creations from the week, and get inspired to pick up a marker or pen or pencil, turn on a TED Talk, and give it a try!

Huge thanks to the team of artists and writers to participated, and all the wonderful folks at TED. We are inspired, and eagerly awaiting next year!

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