Seminars, and Parties, and News…

…Oh My!

The seminars here at the shop are filling up, but we still have a few seats. Come on along:

Ashley and Barbara @ Eastwick

The media mavens have been scoring some wonderful PR and webinars for slide:ology. The gals at Eastwick pulled a rabbit out of their hat with this great article in the LA Times and this BNET Podcast.

Sara and Suzanne @ O’Reilly

Sarah and Suzanne over at O’Reilly have been wrangling speaking engagements and coordinating radio interviews. Plus they hosted a webinar, and introduced me to Ron Hogan over at GalleyCat.

Party Time

Our book signing event was a blast. Many thanks to those who helped make it possible.

The party doubled as our 20th anniversary celebration–woo hoo! But really, we celebrated for a week straight… during Duarte Spirit Week, every day was dress up day! ’80s day was especially fun:

By the way, here are the speaking engagements coming up:

  • Design Thinking Conference, October 29th in Toronto, Ontario
  • San Francisco Apple store: November 15th in San Francisco, CA
  • VizThink Conference: February 22nd in San Jose, CA
  • HOW Design Conference: June 26th in Austin, TX
  • Columbia University: November 24th in NYC
  • MacWorld: January 14th in San Francisco, CA

Delivery / Diary

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