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06.07.2016  /  

My First Year – From Intern to Duartian

Presentation design? What does that even mean? These were my initial thoughts as I walked into the shop that would soon become my first job out of college and the start of my professional design career. During finals week of my last quarter, I drove from UC Davis to Sunnyvale with some friends so we could […] Continue Reading

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02.29.2016  /  

Practice Makes Perfect, or what Oscar Telecast producers could learn from watching Leonardo DiCaprio

No more boring speeches. That was the pledge made by producers of the 88th annual Academy Awards when they announced that winners could list their “thanks yous” on ticker tape that would run live during the ceremony. Instead of subjecting audiences to endless lists of agents, producers, and supporting “teams,” speeches could be kept short, […] Continue Reading

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12.16.2015  /  

Duarte Film Bites: Star Wars Edition!

Once a month, a few of us at Duarte put on what we like to call “Duarte Film Bites”. It’s a curated event where we view inspiring movie shorts, pulling from a bank of videos that various employees want to share. With the new Star Wars movie coming out, we decided to follow that theme for […] Continue Reading

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11.20.2015  /  

A Day In the Life of a Mighty Killer

If you have an Instagram account, chances are you’ve seen a photo or two from these guys. We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the Mighty Killers, to create our first Duarte One-Shot. This is the first installment of a new series in which we focus our lens on artists in the creative community […] Continue Reading

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10.29.2015  / Episode 10: Make Your Audience the Hero

A long time ago in a cubicle far, far away… Equipped with some new presentation technology, Bob is now a “Force” to be reckoned with, and he decides to find out what it means to be a hero. (Luckily, Finn comes along and keeps him from the “dark side” of the path.) For regular updates from Bob […] Continue Reading / Message / Strategy / Video

10.22.2015  /  

Like Yoda You Must Be

Despite being famously grammar-challenged, Master Yoda has a thing or two to teach us about being a powerful presenter. No, it’s not sharing profound thoughts like: “Always in motion is the future….” (You don’t say!) Yoda’s secret is his role as a mentor. As a mentor, he has vast knowledge – after all he has […] Continue Reading

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08.21.2015  /  

Tough Crowd? 5 Ways to Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected

I love it when a new season of Downton Abbey makes its way across the Atlantic every January. But during the torturous months of waiting to see what happens next, I distract myself with a different British program: British Prime Minister’s Question Time. During the weekly session, the British Prime Minister stands in front of […] Continue Reading

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07.14.2015  /  

The 4 Hallmarks of a Good Editor

Getting feedback is one of the most important steps in my creative process. As I’ve described in my books, one of my favorite ways to get feedback is to post my presentations and slidedocs on a wall and let a group of people I trust spend time critiquing them. Seeing the entire thing at once […] Continue Reading

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07.02.2015  /  

Just Breathe: Wellness Fest 2015

The Wellness Committee at Duarte is comprised of a variety of different roles from Designers and Project Managers to a Recruiter and HR. We were formed out of common love for health, wellness, work/life balance, and all things good for you. We are passionate about our company, our coworkers, and creating opportunities for them to […] Continue Reading

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06.12.2015  /  

SF Design Week at Duarte!

In our front lobby, there’s a glass wall with titles etched into it. Words like designers, writers, creators, inventors, poets, makers, etc. This is just a sample of the talent that lives in our shop. As an Art Director here at Duarte, I’m lucky enough to work with all these incredible people on a daily […] Continue Reading

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