Duarte Halloween Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who voted! The results of the Pumpkin Contest are in.

halloween pumpkin contest winners 2013
1st Place: Poopkin Training
2nd Place: Minion
3rd Place: Jack-o-saurus
4th Place: S’morkin
5th Place: Turduck-kin

And we had some amazing costumes, too!

niki two face halloween 2013

Two Face. Photo courtesy of Gritphilm


dan the joker halloween 2013

The winner of Best Costume, The Joker! Photo courtesy of Gritphilm

jack edward scissorhands halloween

Edward Scissorhands. Photo courtesy of Gritphilm

shark stuff 2 halloween 2013 marisa stephen

Shark Stuff.

Doppelgängers were a hit this year.

nancy and doug halloween 2013

The runner-up for Best Costume, Nancy (and Nancy 🙂

kerry and katie halloween 2013

Kerry and Kerry 🙂

iufer and paula halloween 2013

Chris and Chris 🙂

content team photo halloween 2013

Our skit winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated, by carving, dressing up, voting, or reading this post. Happy Halloween!


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