Come along to FWE&E and Web2.0 Expo

I’ll be speaking at two great events this month. This is proof that there’s a real hunger for telling a compelling visual story. The FWE&E event on March 11 has already sold out but you need to know about this organization! This is a great group of women executives and entrepreneurs. Wendy Beecham and the board put together programs that help you develop leadership, and eventually groom you to  serve on public boards. I took a trip to India with a few of them in 2007 and it changed my life. I’ll be delivering a mini version of my slide:ology workshop.

On March 31st I’ll be hosting a three-hour preconference workshop at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. This event is hosted by my awesome publisher O’Reilly. They gave me a generous discount code websf09spr35 so my friends can come for 35% off!

Also, here are some pics from the sell-out event at the Silicon Valley chapter of IABC, They were a great crowd of business communicators. Between this group and VizThink, I feel like I’ve found my tribes.



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