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05.29.2015  /  

Are You Brave Enough to be Vulnerable?

Sharing a story about yourself makes you vulnerable. Since stories are about transformation, telling a personal story requires you reveal a flaw, error, or a roadblock that was a difficult to overcome. Professionals are nervous to reveal their struggles at their place of work for fear it will open them up to judgment or criticism. […] Continue Reading

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05.18.2015  /  

Elon Musk: Inside the Presentation that Sent Us Abuzz

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently sent the technology world buzzing and not just with the announcement of the new Tesla battery, but with, wait for it … a presentation. At least one experienced technology reporter hailed the 18-minute, matter-of-fact, TED-like monologue as “the best keynote I’ve ever seen,” above even Steve Jobs’ 2007 iPhone announcement. And […] Continue Reading

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02.02.2015  /  

Presentation Zen Turns 10!

Garr Reynolds holds a pretty special place in my heart. Many people  think we should be competitors. Instead, we are close friends. In 2005, I was cruising around the web looking at a new phenomenon called blogs. I didn’t have time to write one so I googled “presentation blog” and Garr’s site showed up and […] Continue Reading

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09.23.2014  /  

Everybody Writes: Best Book I’ve Read This Year

I read a lot. But only about once a year do I find a book that really changes me and makes a lasting impact on my life, or my business, or both. One of the most influential was Good to Great by Jim Collins. This year, my OMG-I-Iove-this book is Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. […] Continue Reading

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07.01.2014  /  

Strengthen and Sustain Culture with Storytelling

When a new hire joins your company, what do they take away from their first impression of your organization? In most process-driven companies, the first impression is usually a twelve-inch binder full of procedures, checklists, and forms that tell employees exactly what to do, and what not to do. In product-driven companies, new hires might get a […] Continue Reading

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06.02.2014  /  

How to “Talk Like TED” and Other Insights from Carmine Gallo

When the book Talk Like TED hit the shelves, I was so mad that I hadn’t written it myself! But I couldn’t be happier that Carmine Gallo created a thoughtful, well-written piece that will help people improve their communications. Carmine Gallo started out as a journalist and worked for several major news outlets before becoming an author, speaker, […] Continue Reading

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05.29.2014  /  

Doodlers Unite! A Look at Sunni Brown’s Latest Revolution

Sunni Brown’s new book, Doodle Revolution, uncovers the power of taking pen to paper. The book aims to change our perception of doodling from inane, nervous habit to a useful practice that has the power to unleash our most creative selves. To do that, Brown shows us the various breakthroughs that have come about through […] Continue Reading


04.11.2014  /  

It Took Me 20 Years to Fail Fast

Originally published as part of the LinkedIn Influencer series: I get asked all the time, “What was your biggest presentation failure?” People want to know what would rattle “The Presentation Lady”. The answer is etched in my brain because I violated the most basic rule of presentations — know your audience. My toughest audience […] Continue Reading

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01.16.2014  /  

Old Career Rules Don’t Work—To Compete, You Need a Body of Work

We spend our lives hearing and telling stories in both life and work, but we often neglect to focus on the most important story of all: our own. The problem is, if you neglect your story one will be written for you. The rise of social media has blurred the line between our personal and […] Continue Reading

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01.10.2014  /  

Garr Reynolds Shares How Kids Impact the Creative Process

I owe Garr Reynolds big time. Not only because he has spent years working on the cause I’m most passionate about—empowering people to create better presentations—but also because he has inspired me personally, starting with encouraging me to write my first book, Slide:ology. Garr lives in Japan full time, but every once in awhile he […] Continue Reading

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