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MLK I Have A Dream - Duarte
01.15.2018  /  

Communicate Like MLK and Change the World

This post was updated January 15, 2018. Thanks to the proliferation and growth of social media and live video today, nearly everyone has a public platform that they can use to convey a message to a large audience. It’s possible to see more clearly than ever who can give a talk that moves people and […] Continue Reading

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10.19.2017  /  

How to Display Data the Right Way in Presentations

It can be tricky to display data in presentations because different rules apply in different contexts. A sales director presenting financial projections to a group of field reps wouldn’t visualize her data the same way that a design consultant would in a written proposal to a potential client. So how do you make the right […] Continue Reading

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08.25.2017  /  

Master the Struggle of Working with Executives on Presentations

Executives are b-u-s-y and working with executives on presentations is not e-a-s-y. Their calendar is often fractured into a million pieces, so they have only shards of time to think about their next talk. If the Vulcan mind-meld were a real thing, building a talk for them would be easy-peasy, but it’s not. Instead, you’ll have […] Continue Reading

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08.18.2017  /  

Big Meeting Coming Up? Close the Slideshow; Pick Up the SlideDocs

Presentations have long been a staple in meetings. And, like everything popular, they’re also getting some backlash. Does a presentation actually make a meeting better, or can it make the meeting experience worse? For internal meetings where the goal is to build consensus, consider turning off the projector. As an alternative to presentations, Amazon starts […] Continue Reading

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how to write a call to action that resonates
08.02.2017  /  

The Secret to Writing a Call to Action in A Persuasive Speech

A well constructed and delivered presentation changes minds and ignites action. Yet, there’s a key part of a presentation that doesn’t get mentioned enough—the call to action or CTA—and, a clear CTA creates a critical turning point in your presentation (or any other form of persuasive communications too). The call to action which comes right […] Continue Reading

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audience in sync
06.29.2017  /  

Movie Magic: How to Sync With Your Audience

Studies from Princeton professor Uri Hasson show that certain movies can actually synchronize the brains of the audience. The article reports that viewers “tend to blink at the same time,” and that, “Even their brain activity is, to a remarkable degree, synchronized.” As professional “presentation people,” especially ones who love cinematic presentations, Duarte is always […] Continue Reading

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10.27.2016  /  

How to Illuminate the Future and Inspire Others to Follow

To thrive in the long-term, organizations must continually reinvent themselves to avoid decay and decline. To envision the future is one thing; getting others to go there with you is another. By harnessing the power of persuasive communication, you, too, can turn your idea into a movement. Steve Jobs wasn’t just a founder and driver […] Continue Reading

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10.22.2015  /  

Like Yoda You Must Be

Despite being famously grammar-challenged, Master Yoda has a thing or two to teach us about being a powerful presenter. No, it’s not sharing profound thoughts like: “Always in motion is the future….” (You don’t say!) Yoda’s secret is his role as a mentor. As a mentor, he has vast knowledge – after all he has […] Continue Reading

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08.21.2015  /  

Tough Crowd? 5 Ways to Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected

I love it when a new season of Downton Abbey makes its way across the Atlantic every January. But during the torturous months of waiting to see what happens next, I distract myself with a different British program: British Prime Minister’s Question Time. During the weekly session, the British Prime Minister stands in front of […] Continue Reading

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07.14.2015  /  

The 4 Hallmarks of a Good Editor

Getting feedback is one of the most important steps in my creative process. As I’ve described in my books, one of my favorite ways to get feedback is to post my presentations and slidedocs on a wall and let a group of people I trust spend time critiquing them. Seeing the entire thing at once […] Continue Reading

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