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man celebrating woman's success
01.11.2018  /  

How My Wife Created A Powerful Professional Poster

In 2017 I took 131 flights to lead 58 workshops. I spent close to 100 nights in hotels. Yes, it was exhausting, but also worth it because of the success stories I heard from clients. People don’t get smarter as the result of our workshops. They simply become better communicators.  I see our workshop attendees […] Continue Reading

Delivery / Design / Tips

presentation mistakes
05.03.2017  /  

6 Presentation Mistakes Every Professional Should Avoid

“There’s this one guy at my company who…” So began my in-flight conversation about presentations and presentation mistakes. This happens a lot. The surprising thing about this conversation was the rest of the sentence. “…is way too exuberant when he presents.” Wait, what? Nobody says that. We talked for a while. I explained how to fix […] Continue Reading

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10.21.2014  /  

How to Stay Relevant When Working Remotely

Sooner or later everybody slips up and forgets to mute the conference call. If you’re a remote employee—where every meeting is a call—the odds go up exponentially. I’ll never forget the time our entire company heard me microwave my oatmeal. I had a particularly old microwave at the time, complete with hideous alien beeping noise. […] Continue Reading