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05.06.2014  /  

Duarte Now Offers Online Presentation Training

After a ton of work—including time and feedback from people like you—I’m excited to announce that Duarte now offers online presentation training! And we promise it’s not your typical online course—we made sure of that. Duarte’s Persuasive Presentations eCourse offers an entertaining, non-traditional approach to online learning that covers everything you need to develop and deliver a presentation, without the dense slides […] Continue Reading

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11.09.2010  /  

That Resonates with Me! Video Recording

You saw the talk. Now watch the video. That Resonates With Me! How to Change the World One Presentation at a Time To access the video, enter the password: webinar Thanks to all of you who joined Nancy at the end of September for her two free webinars. Many of you asked if we’d post […] Continue Reading

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09.21.2010  /  

Free Webinar with Nancy: That Resonates with Me! How to Change the World One Presentation at a Time

If you say “I have an idea for something”, what you really mean is “I want to change the world in some way.” You might not be able to change the entire world, but what is “the world” anyway? It is simply all of the ideas of all our ancestors. Look around you. Your clothes, […] Continue Reading

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05.28.2010  /  

Where would you go for the slide:ology Roadshow?

As many of you know, Duarte Design offers a workshop that covers the principles from Nancy Duarte’s award-winning book, slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations. Our public workshop covers both comprehensive visual storytelling development as well as the application of design thinking in an all-day, interactive environment – which includes group and […] Continue Reading

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04.13.2010  /  

Storytelling through Social Media

Have you ever thought about what you’re doing when you update your Facebook page, change your LinkedIn profile, or tweet? You’re telling a story. With simple phrases and pictures, you’re presenting to the world your opinion on world events, or your favorite restaurant. With the explosion of social media and mobile devices, the impact of […] Continue Reading

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