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10.01.2014  /  

Great Presenters Are Everywhere

As I write this, I am sitting thousands of feet in the air on a Southwest Airlines flight. It was an early flight, very early. I watched the sunrise form my gate window. When I boarded the flight, I was tired. And then I met Boris. Boris had the “joy” of greeting us—a sea of […] Continue Reading


12.19.2012  /  

Stop that Stutter: 6 Steps to Overcome Presentation Performance Anxiety

Recently we received a tweet from a follower of @Duarte requesting any advice for a stuttering presenter. They shared that, “The presenter is competent with the material but when presenting gets nervous and begins to stutter on stage”. When this message was sent around the agency, I immediately had flashbacks back to my college days. […] Continue Reading

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06.18.2010  /  

Adobe to the Rescue!

As an agency, we were really excited to see the new features  being introduced in the Adobe Creative Suite 5. What amazing new set of drawing tools and editing features were we going to be able to take advantage of? The answer was simply, lots! Adobe has put so many features into this suite, it’s […] Continue Reading

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08.04.2009  /  

The power of Audio in your presentation!

Audio shouldn’t be a slave to the visuals but instead should be thought of while all parts are in development, allow them to be collaborative as an element. Continue Reading

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03.24.2009  /  

A Naked Audience?

So you’ve got to speak. Onstage. In front of a large group of people. It could be a group of tens, hundreds, or even thousands.  Are your hands getting clammy? Many people get nervous about presenting in front of a group, but force themselves through the event, while ultimately being tortured by the whole experience. […] Continue Reading

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12.30.2008  /  

The value of you…in type

The value of you, in your design… There’s nothing I love more  than a personal touch in a design project, when there’s a balance between the use of the computer and the creativity behind the person designing the piece. There are a lot of ways to do this. Whether it involves photos you’ve taken or […] Continue Reading

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10.03.2008  /  

Abducted by Duartians…

—BEGIN FIREWALL OVERRIDE SEQUENCE— Bypassing security protocols Publishing transmission Monitoring security channels —END FIREWALL OVERRIDE SEQUENCE— It’s been one month since I was abducted by the Duartians, and this is the first report I have managed to get out to the public.  I don’t know how long I have before this post is discovered, so […] Continue Reading

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