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I survived #heweb keynote shirt
11.01.2017  /  

10 Ways to Interact With Audience Members While You Present

Presentation expert Clif Atkinson tells a great story about a 2009 education conference where two speakers got very different reactions from their audiences. The first speaker started off with interactive exercises, he was entertaining, and overall, he was a hit. The second speaker launched in with a more traditional powerpoint, and he… didn’t go over quite so well. […] Continue Reading

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10.26.2017  /  

3 Speaking Skills That Will Help You Communicate Data

Have you ever had lunch with a genius? And I don’t mean just someone really smart, but someone who lives and breathes their profession and can explain its mysteries with both passion and skill to anyone, regardless of education. I’ve met many geniuses like this in my life, and those conversations are some of my […] Continue Reading

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12.29.2016  / Vignette #1: Get to the Point

When presenting to executives, there are things that work and things that fall flat. Get to your point quickly, and you’ll avoid the trap that most presenters fall into. See more hilarious presentation lessons at or our YouTube channel. Or, send Bob and Finn a quick note on Twitter (@BobandFinn) to let them know […] Continue Reading

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04.28.2010  /  

Review: Muppets and Tweets

During a recent vacation to visit family in Pennsylvania, my husband and I made a side-trip to New York City to see the Jim Henson Company’s production of Stuffed and Unstrung. (Think: live improv comedy + Henson puppets + adults only) The show was hilarious, and I definitely recommend it, but one aspect of the […] Continue Reading

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11.12.2009  /  

Visualizing the Sun Food Agenda with Michael Pollan

Duarte had the distinct pleasure of working with bestselling author Michael Pollan to turn his ideas about sustainability and food systems into a visual presentation for the PopTech conference last month. Plan to eat your lunch in front of the computer today so you can enjoy his presentation: It’s rare that we’ll work with such […] Continue Reading

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06.26.2009  /  

Judging Books by Their Covers

Ready for a quick design lesson? Click on the picture to go to Joseph Sullivan’s list of Favorite Book Covers for 2008. (That one’s my favorite, by the way.) Now, imagine you wrote a book this year. And your book just entered the market, along with the 172,000 other books published in the U.S. that […] Continue Reading

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05.26.2009  /  

Tips for Wrangling Committees

We recently completed a high-profile product launch presentation for a client. (No, it wasn’t the video above, but very similar!)  When I reviewed my notes after the product launch, I discovered some important lessons about committee-wrangling. Near the end of our three-month engagement, the launch date looming closer, I felt anxious about the flurry of […] Continue Reading


05.08.2009  /  

When to Hire a Professional Designer

My dad is a handyman. Not professionally, but a handyman just the same. He can fix anything: cars, lawnmowers, leaky faucets, washing machines, kitchen cabinets, roofs, fences, and just about anything with wires sticking out of it. He fixes things and he builds things. He tinkers with things, takes them apart, learns how they work, […] Continue Reading

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