Alt-MBA: Interview with Nancy Duarte

Last year around this time, Seth Godin told everyone not to go to business school. He encouraged everyone to forgo the two-year commitment (and exorbitant fees) and apply to spend six months as an intern in his Alternative MBA Program, learning from him and gaining real-life experience instead.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t accept everyone. That’s how the Alt-MBA was born.

What is the Alt-MBA?

The Alt-MBA program is a group of motivated and connected learners, leapers and agents of change who want to build better brains with other like-minded people from around the world. The group was originally inspired by the Alternative MBA program created by Seth Godin in December 2008.

A handful of applicants that were not selected to work with him in New York decided to launch their own version of the program. Two of the founding members put the idea out to the pool of unaccepted applicants on December 15th and since that time the group has grown to 100+ members (including Seth Godin).

Paul Pettengill is the founder of the Alt-MBA. He’s also a really nice guy. And aside from being a really nice guy, Paul is an excellent interviewer. We were lucky enough to have him come visit our office and talk to Nancy Duarte. (We were even lucky enough to have him come twice, but you’ll hear about that in the interview.)

Paul and Nancy talked about presentation design, business, family, and family business.
Listen in on their conversation here.

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