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06.30.2016  /  

East Meets West: From Big Apple to Bay Area

After living in New York for most of my life, I knew that moving to the Bay Area would offer an exciting new environment. After making the move, I realize that the changes go far beyond the physical. Before the move, I worked in a private office filled with monochrome furnishings, overlooking a sea of sleek black high-rises […] Continue Reading

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06.20.2016  /  

The Secret Sauce of Successful Commencement Speakers

It’s that season again. Every time you open a page of news headlines, a social media feed, or a message from a family member or colleague, you stumble across yet another inspirational commencement speech. If you’re like me, you’ve seen enough of them that they’ve all started to blend together. Besides, who has the time […] Continue Reading

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06.07.2016  /  

My First Year – From Intern to Duartian

Presentation design? What does that even mean? These were my initial thoughts as I walked into the shop that would soon become my first job out of college and the start of my professional design career. During finals week of my last quarter, I drove from UC Davis to Sunnyvale with some friends so we could […] Continue Reading

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