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05.29.2014  /  

Doodlers Unite! A Look at Sunni Brown’s Latest Revolution

Sunni Brown’s new book, Doodle Revolution, uncovers the power of taking pen to paper. The book aims to change our perception of doodling from inane, nervous habit to a useful practice that has the power to unleash our most creative selves. To do that, Brown shows us the various breakthroughs that have come about through […] Continue Reading


05.06.2014  /  

Duarte Now Offers Online Presentation Training

After a ton of work—including time and feedback from people like you—I’m excited to announce that Duarte now offers online presentation training! And we promise it’s not your typical online course—we made sure of that. Duarte’s Persuasive Presentations eCourse offers an entertaining, non-traditional approach to online learning that covers everything you need to develop and deliver a presentation, without the dense slides […] Continue Reading

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