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01.16.2014  /  

Old Career Rules Don’t Work—To Compete, You Need a Body of Work

We spend our lives hearing and telling stories in both life and work, but we often neglect to focus on the most important story of all: our own. The problem is, if you neglect your story one will be written for you. The rise of social media has blurred the line between our personal and […] Continue Reading

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01.10.2014  /  

Garr Reynolds Shares How Kids Impact the Creative Process

I owe Garr Reynolds big time. Not only because he has spent years working on the cause I’m most passionate about—empowering people to create better presentations—but also because he has inspired me personally, starting with encouraging me to write my first book, Slide:ology. Garr lives in Japan full time, but every once in awhile he […] Continue Reading

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