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12.20.2011  /  

It’s fun to share with Cops That Care

Throughout the year, Duarte host several events to raise money for one goal: purchasing a veritable mountain of toys! … that we donate to Mountain View’s “Cops That Care” program, who then distributes the gifts to children in need of a little—or a lot—of holiday cheer. Although I must admit it’s very tempting to keep […] Continue Reading

Diary / News

12.16.2011  /  

PowerPoint at war – how one soldier changed US strategy in Iraq

US forces in Iraq lowered their flag on Wednesday, officially marking the end of our nine-year military mission. As the final few thousand troops begin their journey home, we celebrate their bravery and mourn the thousands of lives lost during the war.   In a historic moment like this one, we also take the time […] Continue Reading

Delivery / News

12.09.2011  /  

Executive Coach Uses Humor and Acting to Deliver Unforgettable Presentation Performances

Sounds crazy, but I met Victoria Labalme on Twitter and we’ve become lifelong friends. Her background in acting and improv gives her a special edge as an executive presentation coach. She coaches completely differently than anyone I’ve met. Most delivery coaches want to record you so you can “see” all the things you need to […] Continue Reading

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