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02.28.2011  /  

10 Ways to Prepare for a TED-format Talk

These 18-minute talks are hard to do. It’s easier to blather on for an hour than talk for a tight 18 minutes knowing that if you go over, you (literally) will get the hook. The talks I give usually take me a comfortable 45 minutes but I needed to get the insights out in 18 […] Continue Reading

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02.23.2011  /  

Interview with Sunni Brown: Doodler, Gameist and 2011 TED Speaker

Sunni Brown lives up to the promise of her name. She lights up a room. She’s one of the author’s of Gamestorming, a fantastic book that has catalogued visual brainstorm processes that can be used in various situations yielding distinctly different results. Sunni also has her own consultancy and is starting a Doodle Revolution. She […] Continue Reading

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02.04.2011  /  

Why President Reagan Deserves the title “The Great Communicator”

This Sunday Ronald Reagan would have turned 100. He was a masterful communicator who was faced with a daunting communication situation immediately after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Of all his presidential moments, on this particular day, I was desperate to hear from my President. I needed him. His comfort, his insight. His words came […] Continue Reading

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