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01.27.2011  /  

Music Has a Structure. Your Presentation Should Too.

In celebration of what would have been Mozart’s 255 birthday, here’s a look at the sonata form of Eine kleine Nachtmusik visualized. The sonata form in classical music has a similar structure to the presentation form. A sonata has standard “rules” to follow; yet each sonata sounds unique. Just as the presentation form is a […] Continue Reading

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01.26.2011  /  

No, we didn’t do Obama’s slides—Wait! he used slides?

Yesterday was the day I’ve dreaded now for a long time. Politicians using slides. It’s been tough enough to sit through executives’ abuse of PowerPoint, I loathed the day the politicians would try to visually express what they were saying. Last night if you watched the State of the Union through, there was an […] Continue Reading

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01.14.2011  /  

Communicate Like MLK and Change the World

In celebration of the birthday of one of the greatest communicators of all time, let’s take a look at his most famous speech from the March on Washington. MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech is not only literarily brilliant, its structure follows the presentation form perfectly, by traversing back and forth between what is and […] Continue Reading

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01.03.2011  /  

Four Presentation Predictions for 2011

Presentations have been through many (delightfully positive) changes in the last few years—but believe it or not—the most dramatic change is yet to come. Come along as we roll back the curtain and predict what the future looks like. 1. Tablet war will shape future of presentations Tablets are hot and are creating new ways […] Continue Reading

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