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02.22.2010  /  

Justin Timberlake and the Art of Presenting Well

Driving in my car, listening to Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSound, I realized that J.T. has a really good handle on what it means to deliver a great presentation.  Nice!  Take a look. Take some of his advice and you, too, can be a presentation rockstar! Songwriters: Floyd Nathaniel Hills, Timothy Z. Mosley, and Justin R. Timberlake Continue Reading

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02.18.2010  /  

Pecha Kucha Night San Jose: Round 2!

This coming Tuesday, February 23rd, is Pecha Kucha Night San Jose: Round 2! The event will be held from 7-10pm at the Sonoma Chicken Coop in downtown Campbell. The theme for the evening’s presentations is RECALL: To summon back to awareness of or concern with the subject or situation at hand. So go hearken back […] Continue Reading

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02.12.2010  /  

News Alert: Bill Gates is officially redeemed from presentation purgatory

Wow, Gates did a great job at TED this year. Why is he suddenly a great communicator and presenter? What has driven his transformation? I think it’s because he moved from presenting about his job to presenting about his passion, and suddenly he communicates well. So, is it possible that we can be so passionate […] Continue Reading

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02.11.2010  /  

Impressions of TED2010 so far…

It’s nice to be an attendee this year instead of running around the bowels of the Long Beach Performing Art Center supporting speakers. I gotta say, the presentations are of utmost caliber. There were only a couple so far were in desperate need of help. For me, that is fantastic news. Many presenters have figured […] Continue Reading

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02.09.2010  /  

Steve Ballmer Could Make More Money if He Presented Well

I’m connecting some pretty broad dots here but even though he’s a billionaire, Reuters reported that Steve Ballmer made $100,000 dollars less last year than the previous one. Interestingly, each of the next few Fridays, Distinction Services will be posting the results of their annual executive survey of the impact of presentations on an executive’s […] Continue Reading

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02.08.2010  /  

Favorite fan mail…that has made it through

I *heart* fan mail. There is nothing better than hearing from you guys. We’ve been getting so much mail that we’ve decided to take the load off by setting up specific accounts for different needs. Our goal is to stay better organized so we can respond to your questions faster. If you’re interested in working […] Continue Reading

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02.05.2010  /  

Beyond Bullet Points: Interview with Nancy Duarte

If you’re interested in presentation design, you’ve heard of Cliff Atkinson. His best-selling book, Beyond Bullet Points, has inspired many people to break away from the traditionally bullet-heavy presentation format. His book has also inspired a blog, to which Meryl Evans is a frequent contributor. Meryl recently interviewed Nancy Duarte on behalf of the Beyond […] Continue Reading

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02.01.2010  /  

Product Launches Should be a Big Deal

Matt Lauer said that the launch of Windows 7 was the most important launch Microsoft had done in ten years. If that’s true, why’d it suck so much? Each month I receive a publication called “Vital Speeches.” Last month’s issue included a transcript of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s launch presentation. Please don’t let this speech […] Continue Reading

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