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12.23.2009  /  

Alt-MBA: Gain Real-Life Experience Instead

In 2008, Seth Godin told everyone not to go to business school. He encouraged everyone to forgo the two-year commitment (and exorbitant fees) and apply to spend six months as an intern in his Alternative MBA Program, learning from him and gaining real-life experience instead. Unfortunately, he couldn’t accept everyone. Thankfully, Alt-MBA was born. What is […] Continue Reading

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12.22.2009  /  

Michael Pollan, Live and Unplugged

We recently worked with Michael Pollan to design a presentation for the Annual Pop!Tech Conference, ( and I have officially been transformed from appreciative fan to groupie. He’s wicked smart, and a great communicator; and until his recent appearance at Pop!Tech, he had never delivered a presentation with slides. Scary, right? This approach keeps all […] Continue Reading

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12.09.2009  /  

BNET’s “Ten Big Reasons Why Your Presos Suck!”

A friend of Duarte sent along a link to BNET’s “Ten Big Reasons Why Your Presos Suck!” It’s silly, but helpful, too. It points out the problem, but also the reason you (probably) did it, analyzes the result, and most importantly, how to fix it. The only one I would argue is #8. It should […] Continue Reading

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