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09.24.2009  /  

Where in the U.S. is Nancy Duarte?

2009 October 8: slide:ology Webcast | via Safari Books Online November 16: Tools for Visual Storytelling | Web2.0 Expo | New York, NY October 15-21: Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellows Program | Camden, Maine 2010 January 30-31: The Art & Science of Creating Great Presentations | Training 2010 | San Diego, CA June 6-9: HOW Design […] Continue Reading

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09.21.2009  /  

Video Q&A’s with Zen-master Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds popped by the office a bit ago, and we thought it’d be fun to answer a few of the most popular questions people ask. 1. How do your methodologies apply to scientific or technical presentations? Read more about the presentation landscape. 2. How many slides should I use? 3. If we simplify our […] Continue Reading

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09.18.2009  /  

Cheating by Charting. An excerpt from Spear’s Practical Charting Techniques

There are few of us who, at at one time or another, have either exaggerated or shaded the truth by either bragging or playing down a story. What we say may not be an untruth, but we want to emphasize one fact to a certain party, and a different fact to another. The same bragging […] Continue Reading

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09.14.2009  /  

PopTech Announces 2009 Social Innovation Fellows

The world is full of visionary minds, whose ideas are lost simply because they lack the resources to foster their growth. Each year, PopTech selects a group of these individuals, and supplies them with not only access to a supportive network of peers with whom they can collaborate, but the technology and training they need […] Continue Reading

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09.02.2009  /  

It Used to Take Three Highly-Trained Professionals to Make a Presentation

The opening line in my new MOST favorite book is, “The response to a visual presentation will determine its value.” No, this is not a newfangled book on presentations written this year, it’s the book “Practical Charting Techniques” written in 1969 by Mary Eleanor Spear, the statistician of governments and Presidents. My good friend Glenn […] Continue Reading

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