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07.27.2009  /  

Who says there’s no ‘D’ in Spirit Week?

This week, we’re getting back to our high school roots, and declaring Duarte Spirit Week! Complete with dress-up days, prizes, and a field trip! This year, we’ve got a pretty fun line-up… MONDAY: Color Me Duarte Day The corporate color palette has never looked so good. TUESDAY: Shiny Shirt Day Bringing the bling to the […] Continue Reading

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07.24.2009  /  

The Trouble with Transitions, Episode 4

Today we get to see a rare glimpse of that most insidious of all transitions: the Random Transition. Continue Reading

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07.22.2009  /  

Don’t Get Discouraged, Fight for What’s Right!

In every Q & A I get the same question: I’m in a culture that thinks presentations are fine being hideous and ineffectual, what should I do? Here’s a quick video I produced for you guys, with an accompanying PDF, that will hopefully help focus your strategy on high-stakes presentations (where there’s the most pay-off). The Presentation Landscape […] Continue Reading

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07.16.2009  /  

Thank You for Reading

We’re proud (and so thankful!) to announce that slide:ology has spent a full calendar year in the Top 100 Computer and Internet books on Amazon! The photo below shows Nancy and Michaela opening the very first box of books from the printer! We’ve come a long way since then, but we still hold the same […] Continue Reading

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07.14.2009  /  

Meetup in the UK

Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions you submitted to meet up. I received the most votes for a Meet Up at the Tate Modern in London. So let’s meet up on Friday July 17th @ 7:00 p.m. for a no-host dinner at the Tate Modern Restaurant, it is located on Level 7 with one of the […] Continue Reading

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07.09.2009  /  

Coming to the UK!

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07.01.2009  /  

Presentation Design: A Management Philosophy

It’s hard to stop Nancy Duarte once she gets started talking about design. And that’s exactly what happened when she met Jimmy Guterman, executive editor of MIT Sloan Management Review, at the most recent TED conference. It’s no surprise that Nancy views the world through a design lens, a skill which she has used to […] Continue Reading

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How Decker Made Me Different

Spending the day at Decker was delightful. Shortly after arriving, the transformation of my delivery techniques was well underway. The meeting started at 9 a.m. in their San Francisco office. Their office is in a first-class building that is inspirational and professional. The path to their front door walks you through a zen-like garden with […] Continue Reading

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