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05.29.2009  /  

Improvisation: Another Skill to Add to An Executive’s Storytelling Toolkit

Palm is not only upping the ante with the announcement of the Pre, they’re also raising the stakes as storytellers. In a time when more and more executives are looking for ways to connect with audiences, John Rubinstein and Roger McNamee demonstrate how taking risks outside the board room can have an impact and get […] Continue Reading

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05.26.2009  /  

Tips for Wrangling Committees

We recently completed a high-profile product launch presentation for a client. (No, it wasn’t the video above, but very similar!)  When I reviewed my notes after the product launch, I discovered some important lessons about committee-wrangling. Near the end of our three-month engagement, the launch date looming closer, I felt anxious about the flurry of […] Continue Reading


05.21.2009  /  

The “Presentation” Release – Slide Over Documents, Make Room for Presentations

The communications business is changing. Press release documents are becoming a thing of the past, because the medium is no longer the message. The relationship between the communications industry and technology needs to be shaken up. Or stirred. To be fair, communications agencies are keeping up all right. They faithfully follow each successive technology, building […] Continue Reading

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05.19.2009  /  

Presentation Tips

Have you ever wondered how to tell more engaging visual stories, use color effectively, or to prepare your presentations for slideshare? Per your request we’re launching tips and tricks on our blog to answer some of the most commonly asked questions on storytelling, design, and presentation technologies. We invite you take a look and give […] Continue Reading

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05.14.2009  /  

Workshop Now Available as Webinar!

Times are tough. This much, we know. Training and travel budgets are being optimized and understandably we’ve received an overwhelming number of requests to deliver our slide:ology workshop via webinar. We hear ya. And you’re in luck. We’ve broken the full day workshop into a series of six webinars, to be delivered on consecutive Wednesdays […] Continue Reading


05.13.2009  /  

American Idol Meets Slide Design

For the fifth consecutive year, the PowerPoint Live User Conference is holding its Design-a-Template contest. The winner gets a free trip to the Fall conference. This conference is really fun and has a strong sense of community. Rick Altman has done a good job migrating the agenda to keep up with technological and learning trends. […] Continue Reading

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05.11.2009  /  

3 Tips You Can Learn from Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Style

I love listening to Garr present. When he was here for Presentation // Reboot, he had me cackling in the back of the room each time he spoke. He has a magical style of presenting; it’s a wonderful blend of wisdom, philosophy, authenticity and wit. Last week my team was at The Citrix Synergy event […] Continue Reading

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05.08.2009  /  

Visual Thinkers Unite!

I had the privilege of spending two full days with a handful of widely revered visual thinkers. Dave Gray,  Dave Sibbet, Elizabeth Pastor, Tom Crawford, Michelle Malott and Tom Wujec. When we met up at the VizThink conference in February this year Tom Wujec pulled us together to see if we wanted to help him […] Continue Reading

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When to Hire a Professional Designer

My dad is a handyman. Not professionally, but a handyman just the same. He can fix anything: cars, lawnmowers, leaky faucets, washing machines, kitchen cabinets, roofs, fences, and just about anything with wires sticking out of it. He fixes things and he builds things. He tinkers with things, takes them apart, learns how they work, […] Continue Reading

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05.05.2009  /  

Six Tips for Remote Presenting

What’s worse than sitting through a really bad presentation? Sitting through a bad one delivered remotely! As travel budgets tighten, remote presentations have had a severe up-tick (which has also been known to cause facial ticks). Now you can discretely send your co-workers this link so they create content that holds your interest, removes distractions, […] Continue Reading

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