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03.30.2009  /  

Web 2.0 Expo in SF This Week!

Every internet junkie’s favorite expo is comin’ to town. The Web 2.0 Expo will be held this week at Moscone West in San Francisco. The event lasts from Tuesday, March 31st through Friday, April 3rd. Nancy Duarte will be leading a workshop called Tools for Visual Storytelling. A refreshing change from the traditional seminar, Nancy’s […] Continue Reading


03.25.2009  /  

Designing Presentations is a Dirty Job

Well-developed and designed presentations are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The influence and visibility of Garr Reynolds’ blog have helped change the perception that presentations suck, and made people aware of just how powerful a presentation can be. Attracting really good designers to work for Duarte has been tough, because designing presentations is “dirty […] Continue Reading

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03.24.2009  /  

A Naked Audience?

So you’ve got to speak. Onstage. In front of a large group of people. It could be a group of tens, hundreds, or even thousands.  Are your hands getting clammy? Many people get nervous about presenting in front of a group, but force themselves through the event, while ultimately being tortured by the whole experience. […] Continue Reading

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03.23.2009  /  

Presentation//Reboot Was a Success!

Hanging out with Garr Reynolds for three days at Presentation//Reboot was a blast. I sat in the back of the room while he presented, and even though I watched his sessions three days in a row, I laughed (and snorted a couple times) and was engaged in every session. He is a charming, transparent, and […] Continue Reading

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03.11.2009  /  

Animation Works like Magic

One of the guys who came through our workshop is a magician. Really. It’s not his “real job” but he finds ways to apply the principles to his work-life. Here are his thoughts: Larger movement conceals a smaller movement: When two objects are in motion, the eye is attracted to the object  with the bigger […] Continue Reading

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03.10.2009  /  

Come along to FWE&E and Web2.0 Expo

I’ll be speaking at two great events this month. This is proof that there’s a real hunger for telling a compelling visual story. The FWE&E event on March 11 has already sold out but you need to know about this organization! This is a great group of women executives and entrepreneurs. Wendy Beecham and the […] Continue Reading

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03.06.2009  /  

Design-thinking works…even for geeks

You wouldn’t think that a workshop with colored pens, scissors and tape would appeal to the engineering-types. Here’s how Leo Bley from SAP has implemented the sketching and thinking process into his presentation development: I started with sticky pads, but they were sticky.  They were good for brainstorming on a wall with other people, but […] Continue Reading

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