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10.31.2008  /  

Toronto was on fire!

This was our first time to Toronto, and let me tell you–we love this city.  The Design Thinking conference was fantastic. I spoke to a standing-room-only crowd of super smart, good-looking designers, all dressed in black. Folks at this event were exceptionally smart because they’ve all come to terms with the idea that design isn’t […] Continue Reading

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Pumpkin Placeholders & Costume Craziness!

The results are in for this year’s annual pumpkin contest at Duarte. We’d like to thank all of you who participated by voting, giving this year the biggest turnout we’ve ever seen. We’re so glad you share our excitement, and love of creative carving. In addition to the pumpkin contest, we also host an Annual […] Continue Reading



TED book club arrived with 2 cool books!

One of my favorite things to come in the mail is TED book club (WAY better than Oprah’s). Books are sent to TEDsters each quarter or so. But today I had one of the biggest thrills of my life because this time it had MY book in it. You can tell how happy I am […] Continue Reading

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10.30.2008  /  

The Trouble with Transitions, Episode 2

Slideologists know how to click responsibly.  Clicking responsibly involves not only knowing when to click…but also when not to. This is especially true when choosing slide transitions.  Your presentation software may have lots of “jazzy” transitions for you to choose from, but just because they are in there, it doesn’t mean you have to use them.  Sometimes […] Continue Reading

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10.28.2008  /  

Orange is the new red, white, and blue

Every year, Duarte holds a pumpkin decorating contest. This year is lucky number thirteen. It’s so cool, we’re beginning to think 13 really is lucky after all. Get some practice for your trip to the polls. Check out the pumpkins at and vote for something that doesn’t require homework, or a tiny pencil. Which […] Continue Reading

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10.24.2008  /  


When I was fresh out of school and poor and starving, I worked at Elephants Deli in Portland slinging potato salad and frothing cappuccinos (dude, you so scalded my foam). At the time, another struggling voice–this one with intentions toward comedy–worked in the bakery. To proof his creations, he would tell us about his jokes. […] Continue Reading


10.23.2008  /  

Seminars & Second Cup Meetup

The seminars have been a hit! Due to the fact that there was a waiting list for the last three, we’ve decided to open up two more before Fall is over. The two new dates are: Thursday, November 6 and Wednesday, November 12   The workshops have been fun and engaging, all without ever touching […] Continue Reading


10.22.2008  /  

Cliché of the Week: The Bullseye

We need to stay focused. Our numbers are right on target. We made our goal! When someone says those words, does your brain instantaneously call up images like the one to the right? It does? Good. Then your brain is functioning appropriately. Clichés are perfectly normal and perfectly natural. Your brain was designed to retrieve […] Continue Reading

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10.21.2008  /  


Read all about it! This just in: Nancy Duarte is getting wicked famous. Check out the Business section of the San Jose Mercury News… to see a lovely interview with our fearless leader. Continue Reading

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