A powerful idea delivered well takes on a life of its own. With our Captivate presentation workshops you learn how the best speakers connect with their audiences – and how you can bring your unique personality to every speech. New Dates Added!

What’s the secret to becoming a more compelling speaker? Is it adjusting your posture? Speaking more loudly? Acting like you have confidence?

Those may work as quick fixes, but they don’t address root causes and they don’t create lasting results. By diving deeper and discovering why you do what you do and focusing less on yourself and more on your audience, you’ll discover your own unique communication personality while unlocking your power. You’ll begin to naturally evidence the three core traits all great speakers exhibit: Comfort, Dynamism, and Empathy.

In our one-day Captivate workshop, we use a unique, inside-out approach that helps you identify the core reasons keeping you from reaching your presentation delivery goals. Our executive speaker coaches offer individualized guidance through instruction, exercises, and feedback that help you hone your instinctive delivery personality. At the end of the day, you’ll know how to deliver your message more powerfully than you ever thought possible.

Do you want to learn to develop your persuasive presentation and learn to deliver it in workshops over two consecutive days? If so, we’ve made it easier for you by bundling our public workshop dates. Learn more about Resonate, and see the Captivate/Resonate bundle schedule.

Here’s what clients are saying about our Captivate workshop:

A must-take class! Thank you for the direct feedback and for providing such a comfortable environment to learn in. It will have a long-lasting impact on me!

– Kelly Kayser, Director of Talent Delivery, Equinix

The two coaches were extremely dynamic and empathetic. They accomplished so much in one day. I didn’t expect the individualized attention and level of coaching we received.

– Tienni Su, Group Lead, America Honda Finance

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What's Your Speaker Profile?

After nearly three decades of experience crafting presentations that move audiences for top organizations around the world, we’ve found that the world’s most powerful speakers are Comfortable, Dynamic, and Empathetic. Take our online quiz to evaluate your own strengths and growth opportunities in these areas.

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Effective Presentation Skills Workshops - On-site

Duarte facilitators have logged many hours in many different locations, teaching teams who want to train together, or are just too big to travel. Duarte ships everything you need for the workshop to the venue you have selected—including individually packaged sets of materials and one expert facilitator. Working with a Duarte contact, you or a delegate will arrange the onsite logistics—including attendee correspondence, transportation, and refreshments—to ensure the day runs smoothly. We encourage keeping class attendance between 15-30 people to maximize collaboration with classmates and valuable facilitator feedback.

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